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The Federal Election and Wild Salmon

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Recently, we approached Members of Parliament known to cover salmon issues (from each of the major federal parties running candidates in B.C.), to learn more about their platforms ahead of this election. We also wanted to make them aware of …

Katzie Slough Cleanup

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Katzie Slough: it was a beautiful day for a Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up! Concerned citizens collected over 200kg of garbage and recycling in 2 hours. We call that a good day’s work with plenty of food for thought on restoring …

Volunteers Needed! Get involved with Watershed Watch this Fall!

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Want to get involved with Watershed Watch and help in our efforts to conserve B.C.’s wild salmon? We are looking for volunteers for the months of September, October and November in a number of roles: Co-host our table at a …

Conservation groups call on DFO to modify their fisheries in the face of extreme conditions for salmon

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Six conservation groups representing the Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC) are calling on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to act on their own acknowledgement that river conditions for spawning salmon are unprecedented and reduced mixed stock marine fisheries are …

Lina Azeez

The Sustainable Living Leadership Program: 1,400km down the Fraser River

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A Blog Series from an expedition on the Fraser River (scroll down for earlier posts). Post #9 – August 12, 2015 – by Lina Azeez, Engagement Coordinator at Watershed Watch – The Not So Slow Return to City Life and Final Reflections Before …