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Save Our Salmon has merged with the Watershed Watch Salmon Society

WWSS and SOS mergerEffective on January 1st, 2015, the SOS Marine Conservation Foundation (SOS/Save Our Salmon) has merged with the Watershed Watch Salmon Society (WWSS/Watershed Watch) in order to focus resources and be an even stronger force in reducing the impacts of overfishing, habitat destruction, unsustainable aquaculture, irresponsible hydro development, and government indifference, on BC’s wild salmon and the marine environment.

For further information on the merger and examples of past collaboration between SOS and WWSS, please see below.

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For information on land-based closed containment aquaculture in general please see Watershed Watch’s Closed Containment page.


Details on the merger of SOS and WWSS

Current SOS initiatives focused on sustainable aquaculture will now operate through WWSS. Eric Hobson, past president of SOS, will join the Board of Watershed Watch. Eric will also continue as Vice-Chair of the Board for KUTERRA. Effective January 1, 2015, Dr. Craig Orr will retire as Executive Director of WWSS, passing the role of Executive Director to Aaron Hill. Dr. Orr will continue to be actively engaged as a Conservation Advisor on key issues such as salmon aquaculture and local projects in Coquitlam. Members of the SOS Solutions Advisory Committee (SAC), will continue with Watershed Watch, investing their efforts and expertise into the many issues facing BC’s Wild Salmon upon which so much depends. Dr. Craig Orr will also join the SAC. Jackie Hildering, past Communications Director for SOS will be focussing her efforts on marine education and whale research through “The Marine Detective” and the Marine Education and Research Society. For further information on the merger or other details, please contact WWSS Operations Director, Trish Hall at

Examples of Recent Collaboration Between WWSS and SOS

Environmental petitions to the Auditor General of Canada regarding the Cohen Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye in the Fraser River.

Public awareness:


Regulatory (working together with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the David Suzuki Foundation as the Conservation Regulatory Working Group):