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New Report: Federal government turning a blind eye to wild fish kills on salmon farms

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We have  just released a new report: Wild Fish Trapped: Incidental Catch in the Salmon Farming Industry  We know there’s a lot of secrecy around salmon farms, and sometimes we have to dig a little to uncover the truth. And …

Great article from BBC: Canadian government is ‘muzzling its scientists’

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BBC News reports that “Speakers at a major science meeting being held in Canada said communication of vital research on health and environment issues is being suppressed.”  The article goes on to say “The allegation of “muzzling” came up at …

Chronicle Herald article: Scientists scared to talk about DFO cuts

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Approximately 400 people have been notified by Fisheries and Oceans Canada that their jobs could be eliminated.  Roughly half of those notified are scientists, and the union representing them says that “employees fear they could face sanctions or suspension for …

Government policy of muzzling scientists is unacceptable

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Watershed Watch Executive Director Craig Orr responds to the article “Ottawa silences scientist over West Coast salmon study” with the letter to the editor “Government policy of muzzling scientists is unacceptable” criticizing the government’s handling of the scientific process.

Watershed Watch co-authors new paper providing the first link between salmon farms and elevated levels of sea lice on Fraser River sockeye

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A new study Sea Louse Infection of Juvenile Sockeye Salmon in Relation to Marine Salmon Farms on Canada’s West Coast published today in the journal Public Library of Science ONE by researchers from Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, …