Resource: Proceedings from: Building a Vision for Green Energy in British Columbia, November 3-4, 2009

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Authors / Publisher: Patricia Gallaugher and Laurie Wood, Continuing Studies in Science, Simon Fraser University, Co-sponsored by Watershed Watch

Date: November 2010

PDF: Proceedings from: Building a Vision for Green Energy in British Columbia, November 3-4, 2009


Given the mounting concerns surrounding global climate change impacts, green energy is a topical issue. It has also been a controversial issue in British Columbia, with dialogue around the development of run-of-river hydropower particularly polarized. The goal of the Building a Vision for Green Energy in British Columbia Dialogue was to examine options for renewable energy with a main focus on hydro electric power. To achieve this, presentations, panels and dialogue explored the issues through diverse perspectives including industry, science, institutions, First Nations, and civil society. To help focus the dialogue, presenters addressed overarching questions. They included:

  • What are the opportunities for and challenges of developing independent power production in BC (social economic, environmental)?
  • Are we on the right path?
  • What is needed for better decision-making?
  • Would a strategic plan help? If so, what would it look like?

Watershed Watch Salmon Society has a long history partnering with SFU’s Continuing Studies in Science for their Speaking for the Salmon series.  Executive Director, Craig Orr, was a member of the Steering Committee for the organization of this event.  Watershed Watch was also a co-sponsor thanks to the generous support of the groups listed below.  For more information on Watershed Watch’s activities surrounding hydropower and run-of-river projects, see our Hydropower page.


Watershed Watch was able to participate in the organization of this workshop and co-sponsor the event thanks to support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Tides Canada and the Vancouver Foundation.