Resource: Interview with a Champion of Salmon

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Authors / Publisher: Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Date: 2003

PDF: Interview with a Champion of Salmon


The recent news that local and global stocks of wild fish are now one-tenth what they were one-half century ago, and that Canada’s Atlantic Coast cod, lobster, and crab fishers and politicians are fighting with each other and with the federal government for opportunities to continue plundering the East Coast’s marine stocks is a grim reminder that humans get old far sooner than they get smart.

The reminder isn’t entirely grim. Indeed, it underscores the fact that a small but dedicated number of people put fish ahead of profits. People everywhere are enormously indebted to those who champion the cause of fish, and it’s in our long-term collective interest to know about such citizens.

This report—taken from a transcribed interview—focuses on one such man. The interview opened with Watershed Watch Salmon Society asking Mike Gage where he was born and raised and goes on to discuss his passion and dedication to protecting salmon.