Resource: Cover letter Re: David Suzuki Foundation and Watershed Watch Salmon Society review of Draft MSC BC sockeye assessments

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Authors / Publisher: Jeffery Young and Craig Orr, David Suzuki Foundation and Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Date: November 2007

PDF: Cover letter Re: DSF and WWSS review of Draft MSC BC sockeye assessments


This cover letter prepared by Watershed Watch Salmon Society and the David Suzuki Foundation for the Marine Stewardship Council provides a summary of two critical reviews on BC fisheries proposed for MSC certification. The letter is part of the submission of the Critical Review of the Marine Stewardship Council Draft Assessment of Skeena and Nass River Sockeye Fisheries and the Review of the Draft MSC Assessment of British Columbia Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Fisheries.

These reviews are based on a thorough technical analysis of the assessed fisheries using the MSC scoring principles, criteria, and indicators. Although in some cases, specific problems were identified with the appropriateness of criteria or indicators for assessing BC salmon fisheries, the basis of the reviews primarily use the measures as used by the assessment team.

In summary, certification was not supported for the Skeena, Fraser, or Barkley Sound sockeye fisheries. Discrepancies were also identified with the Nass sockeye assessment, but certification of that fishery was supported with inclusion of improved conditions.

The main issues of concern identified in the reviews include:

  • weak implementation and use of limit reference points
  • poor definition of “target” stocks
  • inconsistent and ineffective recovery of depleted stocks
  • inconsistent, absent, unclear, or indefensible management objectives