CreekWater runs through almost every aspect of life in British Columbia, from fulfilling our drinking water needs to supporting diverse aquatic ecosystems, to providing recreational, social, and economic opportunities, it is not surprising that we consider water our most precious natural resource. Unfortunately, a lack of comprehensive legislation (around both surface and groundwater) and sustainable use practices has placed British Columbia’s precious water resources under increasing threat. Changes to instream flow, and temperature regimes due to the over allocation of water for industrial, agricultural and individual use can have drastic consequences for fish and aquatic ecosystems. Tough legislation, combined with increased monitoring, and research is necessary to ensure adequate water resources are protected and available to perform necessary ecosystem functions (eg regulating river temperature) and combat the uncertainties of climate change. Currently, the provincial government is engaged in the Water Act Modernization process that has promised to deliver a new provincial Water Act in 2011 and Watershed Watch has been working with other provincial groups to ensure the new act contains strong protection measures for groundwater and promotes truly sustainable use of this vital natural resource.