Salmon Farming Expansion

Since the lifting of the moratorium in October 2013, there have been several applications for new salmon farming sites as well as applications for expansion or amendment of an existing site.

With the continued confusion and lack of clarity around process and timelines for public comment on these open-net salmon farming applications, Watershed Watch Salmon Society is striving to aid public awareness with the summary below.


Table: Summary of publicized applications for open net salmon aquaculture license changes – updated 2017-03-08 (Click to enlarge)




In February 2015, Watershed Watch Salmon Society gathered over 500 comments expressing concern over two new farms proposed for Clio Channel! These comments were submitted during the public comment period for these proposed farms as well as presented to the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans Canada by Watershed Watch Biologist Stan Proboszcz in March 2015.

Delivery of 518 public comments about BC fish farms


For more information, see the following previous submissions made by Watershed Watch Salmon Society,  Save Our Salmon, David Suzuki Foundation, and Pacific Salmon Foundation:

Hope Island applications:


Clayoquot Sound applications:


Authorities involved in decision-making about expansion of open-net salmon farming in BC:


Map: Publicized applications and location of existing open-net farms to date (Click to enlarge)

BC Salmon Farm Status