Wild Salmon Policy

Implementing Canada’s Policy for the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon


Chum salmonCanada’s Policy of the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon (2005) states that “Conservation of wild salmon and their habitat is the highest priority for resource management decision-making.” When it comes to fisheries management, Watershed Watch aims to represent the public interest in the conservation of wild salmon. We do this by informing the public regarding important concerns and developments in fisheries management, and advocating for improvements in how salmon fisheries are managed, through public outreach and official consultation processes with the federal and provincial governments as member of the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus.

Fraser Basin LiveMapYou can learn more about salmon and water issues using Watershed Watch’s Fraser Basin LiveMap: An Interactive Salmon and Water Atlas. This web-based tool allows users to explore Fraser waterways and salmon populations, the threats they face, and their current status and future prospects.  The LiveMap includes official government data sets on historic water flows, salmon returns, water temperature, and other important factors that affect the aquatic ecosystems that make up the Fraser River watershed.