Our Role In Management

Watershed Watch takes an active role in the management of BC’s salmon fisheries. Our most important function is that of a “watchdog”: calling public attention to the good, bad, and ugly in Pacific salmon fisheries management. We also sit at a number of government-convened management tables and actively participate as stakeholders in fisheries ecocertification schemes that result in improvements to the way salmon fisheries are managed.

Watershed Watch serves as the secretariat of the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC), and our Executive Director, Dr. Craig Orr, serves as the chair. The MCC is an officially recognized body that provides the conservation community with a means to participate as a full status “stakeholder” in formal consultations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Under the auspices of the MCC, Watershed Watch staff sit on the Integrated Harvest Planning Committee for salmon, and as observers to the Fraser River Panel of the Pacific Salmon Commission (the joint Canada-US body that implements the Canada-US Pacific Salmon Treaty). Our overarching objective in these processes is to represent the broad public interest in the conservation of wild Pacific salmon by encouraging risk-averse fishery management that honours Canada’s domestic and international commitments to conserve biological diversity.

We also participate in other management related processes related to the implementation of Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy, and Watershed Watch’s staff scientists often participate in scientific reviews of technical reports and studies that government uses to inform the management of salmon fisheries.

Fraser Basin LiveMapYou can learn more about salmon and water issues using Watershed Watch’s Fraser Basin LiveMap: An Interactive Salmon and Water Atlas. This web-based tool allows users to explore Fraser waterways and salmon populations, the threats they face, and their current status and future prospects.  The LiveMap includes official government data sets on historic water flows, salmon returns, water temperature, and other important factors that affect the aquatic ecosystems that make up the Fraser River watershed.