Defend the Wild Salmon Policy


adams-river-sockeyeUse the form below to let leaders know why wild salmon are important to you, and let them know what you expect. Here are some things you may want to include:

Dear Minister LeBlanc and Mr. Beech,

Why are you letting Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy get gutted by bureaucrats who want to escape accountability for safeguarding salmon and their habitats? Wild salmon are the lifeblood of British Columbia and we need you to show strong leadership in protecting and rebuilding them.


Restore the lost protections to the Fisheries Act

  • You were elected on a promise to restore the habitat protections to Canada’s Fisheries Act that were removed by the previous government. But a year and a half later, those protections are still missing. Meanwhile you have approved pipelines, LNG plants, and other industrial projects that will destroy salmon habitat in BC.


Stop pretending and start acting on the recommendations of the $37 million Cohen Inquiry.

  • Your government promised to act on the recommendations of the Cohen Inquiry, which included putting Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy into action. But instead you are moving to weaken the Wild Salmon Policy to bring it in line with the Harper government’s version of the Fisheries Act.
  • Most of the Cohen recommendations have yet to be implemented, and that needs to change.


Doing your job for BC’s wild salmon starts with implementing the Wild Salmon Policy.

  • The Policy has broad support from citizens, First Nations, and conservationists. Do not gut our Wild Salmon Policy after it survived the Harper years unscathed, do not align it with the weakened Fisheries Act.
  • Please get to work on putting the Wild Salmon Policy into action.


Restore monitoring and protection for our salmon runs.

  • Your government was elected on a promise to bring back evidence-based decision making and restore science programs that were cut by the previous government.
  • You are to be commended for hiring more salmon scientists but funding for on-the-ground monitoring of our salmon runs hit an all-time low after your government took power. If that wasn’t your plan, you need to fix it.
  • Scientists can not do their work without the information that these monitoring programs provide, and you can’t bring back evidence-based decision making when you are choking off the supply of evidence.
  • Please immediately restore monitoring and protection for BC’s wild salmon to what it was in previous years.


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