Call for Action – No Salmon Farming Expansion without Wild Salmon Protections

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The federal government is opening the doors to a salmon farm expansion despite meaningful consideration of wild salmon migration routes and no real action on the vast majority of recommendations from the $26 million Cohen Inquiry into the decline of sockeye salmon. And that’s just one of many reasons why an expansion shouldn’t happen in BC.

We need to show the federal government that people care about wild salmon. We’re building a network of citizens through our Protect Wild Salmon Petition in order to express to Members of Parliament they need to stand up to protect salmon.

Once we build our “Protect Wild Salmon” petition to 5000, we’ll present it publicly to 4 British Columbian MPs (one from each federal party) and demand action to protect wild salmon and action on the $26 million Sockeye Inquiry Recommendations Canadians paid for. Please sign below and share it with friends.

We’re also going to take some wild salmon supporters with us to meet with the MPs, because our strength lies in numbers.

Call for Action to Protect Wild Salmon

This petition is now closed.

End date: Oct 01, 2016

Signatures collected: 2117

2,117 signatures

  • It’s a pivotal time for BC and its wild salmon. Please help us get to 5000 signees and we will bring this straight to 4 federal MPs.
  • Check out the Memo to the Minister of Fisheries which discusses lifting the moratorium on salmon farming in Northern BC and expanding there.
  • See how little action the federal government has taken on implementing the Sockeye Inquiry recommendations on our Cohen Report Card. If they implemented all or even most of the recommendations, we likely wouldn’t be seeing an expansion of the salmon farming industry.
  • Salmon farms are a big risk to wild salmon and our marine waters. A lot of science has been published on this already. See our Aquaculture section for more info.


A PDF version of the petition is also available if you would like to help us gather signatures.

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