Send a note to Minister LeBlanc and ask him to show strong leadership in protecting your wild salmon!

Here are some things you may want to say:

  • Tell him how important wild salmon are to you (and your family).
  • BC’s wild salmon runs must be managed in the public interest, and not for special fishing interests.
  • Keeping Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise to “set a higher bar for openness and transparency” will require strong leadership to bring DFO into line.
  • Please keep your government’s promises to implement the $37 million Cohen Inquiry (on restoring Fraser River sockeye salmon) and restore habitat provisions of the Fisheries Act.
  • We expect ALL of the recommendations to be implemented. A “partial completion” of some of the recommendations is not good enough.
  • Provide better oversight of wild salmon fisheries by meeting Canadian and international standards for at-sea observers.
  • Ensure that DFO managers start giving as much consideration to conservation interests, First Nations, and the BC public as they do to the fishing industry.

Send a letter to Minister LeBlanc