Take Action for Better Salmon Fisheries!

Hey there, salmon lover! Thanks for watching our video, Saving Wild Salmon by Changing the Way We Fish!

Here are 4 easy things you can do to help change the way we fish:


  1. Share the video with friends and family! We need to spread the word that we can save our salmon and still eat them, too! IF YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE OF THESE STEPS, PLEASE DO THIS!


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  3. Take our pledge to support stock-selective salmon fisheries in British Columbia by entering your name and email address. As the salmon season unfolds, we will let you know about retailers and restaurants in BC who are selling salmon from highly sustainable stock-selective fisheries. And we will use our list of pledges to show government and industry officials that responsible consumers like you are standing behind us and our First Nations allies in our work to improve BC’s salmon fisheries.


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  5. Tell your favourite fish shop or restaurant! You can print out this handy cheat sheet to have in your back pocket, bookmark it on your smartphone, or simply hand it directly to your fish seller, server, or chef.


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  7. Donate to Watershed Watch and help us continue this important work!