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Media Release: Conservation groups say federal investigation is scapegoating fishermen: “DFO and Pattison Group throwing a few fishermen under the bus won’t fix systemic problems”

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MEDIA RELEASE — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PDF of Release Vancouver (August 19, 2013) — The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has announced they are investigating the fishermen shown in a controversial video released last week that documents serious violations of …

Watershed Watch joins over 600 leading scientists in protesting changes to Fisheries Act

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A blue ribbon grouping of 600 scientists is urging the federal government to leave the Fisheries Act unchanged. They state that alleged proposed changes to the act would “jeopardize many important fish stocks and the lakes, estuaries and rivers that …

Watershed Watch’s Aaron Hill Comments on River Diversion Hydropower

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Watershed Watch Ecologist, Aaron Hill, comments on hydropower-related fish kills in the letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun Balancing energy needs and environmental harm. “Poor planning has led to ill-conceived projects being built in fish-bearing waters; shrinking government …