RiverWatershed Watch Salmon Society was formed in 1998 by salmon advocates who had been active as analysts, writers, editors and ecologists for more than a decade. Watershed Watch believes that real changes in attitude and behaviour are based on understanding, and that significant understanding requires a broad and deep appreciation of a wide range of habitat, harvest, and management issues.

Thanks to many years of experience working on these issues and with government agencies, Watershed Watch is uniquely positioned to identify and act on existing and emerging threats to wild salmon. It has been instrumental in drawing public attention to key issues such as:

  • the need to reform the province’s water management, especially with respect to BC Hydro’s operations;
  • the massive threat posed by the spread of salmon lice from farmed to wild salmon populations;
  • the unsustainable harvest of salmon;
  • the long-term benefits of saving wild salmon;
  • the potential impact ‘green’ power projects have on wild salmon;
  • First Nations’ monitoring of salmon and salmon habitat; and
  • the potential impacts of groundwater withdrawal on wild salmon.


Canadians know that BC’s wild salmon face an uncertain future, and that wild salmon have never been more threatened by pollution, habitat loss, overfishing, and unsustainable aquaculture practices. Wild salmon need help. Make your voice count by joining with Watershed Watch to protect wild salmon.