New Heart of the Fraser Documentary Launched!

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The eagerly anticipated Heart of the Fraser documentary launched with a free screening at BCIT’s Burnaby Campus on April 5. The screening was followed by a Q & A session with Ken Ashley, Mark Angelo, Mike Church, fishing guide Dean Werk, MP Fin Donnelly and Watershed Watch’s Lina Azeez.

Heart of the Fraser was created by Ken Ashley, director of the BCIT Rivers Institute, and produced by NERV Productions. The film aims to educate viewers about the tremendous ecological significance of the area known as the Heart of the Fraser or the “gravel reach”, the stretch of the Fraser Hope and Mission, and to inspire people to join the campaign to protect it. The habitats under threat in the Heart of the Fraser provide vital rearing habitat for young salmon from throughout the Fraser watershed as they migrate out to sea. 

If you missed the first Heart of the Fraser screening on April 5, stay tuned! NERV Productions are working with television broadcasters and film festivals to create more opportunities for people to see this engaging and important documentary.

Find out more about this important issue and sign the petition to defend the Heart of the Fraser at

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