Help Defend the Heart of the Fraser

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Are you familiar with the area known as the Heart of the Fraser? The Heart of the Fraser, the stretch of the Fraser between Mission and Hope, is critical to the survival of Fraser River salmon stocks. Its gravel reaches are prime spawning habitat for salmon and the endangered white sturgeon,as well as a nursery for billions of baby salmon every year. This important ecological area needs our help.

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Two islands in the Heart of the Fraser are under threat of development. Herrling and Carey Islands not only provide a large amount of vital fish habitat but are an important area for fishing and outdoor recreation.

Developers have applied to build bridges to these islands which, if approved, would lead to destruction of critical  fish habitat for agriculture or subdivisions. This could also increase flood risk in the surrounding communities.

Tell decision-makers not to approve these proposed  bridges!

Clearcutting has already begun on the two islands, and in some cases, there is no riparian vegetation left to stabilize the river banks. Unless governments take immediate action, this important ecosystem will be destroyed.

Some concerned conservation groups are working on buying these islands for conservation purposes and are urging the provincial government to develop a comprehensive management plan for the Heart of the Fraser.

We are encouraging British Columbians who care about salmon to add their names to a call to protect this important area. Will you stand with us to defend the Heart of the Fraser? Add your voice at

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  1. Kristen Adamson says:

    protect this important area

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