Come mapping with Jessica Weiss and Watershed Watch!

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Jessica croppedOur Connected Waters campaign has exciting plans for the summer! In addition to our riparian restoration work, we’ll be conducting field surveys of flood infrastructure to support the mapping exercise we undertook last year.

To better understand what’s going on ‘in the field’ we’ve hired Jessica Weiss, a graduate with a diploma in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation from BCIT and working on a bachelors degree in Ecological Restoration. Jessica enjoys discovering the intricacies of nature and loves using the arts to illustrate the beauty she sees in the world, whether it be through drawing, photography, or poetry. She also loves being out in the field, collecting data and mapping important habitat.

Jessica is looking for dedicated volunteers to join her this summer as she maps waterways impacted by dike infrastructure. No experience required, just a keenness to learn, good physical fitness and the ability to commit to at least 5 days of field work over the summer.

Contact Jessica to learn more.

2 Responses to Come mapping with Jessica Weiss and Watershed Watch!

  1. Simon Matthews says:

    I would prefer to do the mapping in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area.

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