SUCCESS! You helped vote out fish farms at AVICC

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You did it! Thanks to your efforts, your local representatives voted NO to open net-pen fish farms and YES to protecting wild salmon at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities convention.

This is a major win! Now these resolutions have been accepted by the AVICC, they can be brought forward at the Union of B.C. Municipalities to be voted on by all municipalities in the province.

This sends a huge message to the province and the feds that coastal communities value our wild salmon and the sustenance and jobs they provide.

Down in Washington, Atlantic salmon farms have now been banned, leaving B.C. as the last place on the west coast of North America that allows open net-pen fish farms. Help us keep the pressure on by signing our Safe Passage petition or by donating to Watershed Watch.

Your donation will help us reach out to more people in more communities across the province to show our governments that British Columbians want a wild salmon economy, not foreign-owned fish farms.

38 Responses to SUCCESS! You helped vote out fish farms at AVICC

  1. J lucas says:

    PLEASE keep farmed fish OUT of B.C. waters!!

  2. Don McBain says:

    Stop the pollution of our wild salmon runs by eliminating open net fish farms.

  3. jim wilson says:

    Yes…Get fish farms out of the ocean and onto land farms so wild salmon can recover

  4. Doug Gosling says:

    Do not condone the use of open net ocean salmon farming.

  5. Corinne Thorsell says:

    Please support the resolution to get open pit fish farms out of our BC waters. It must happen so we can protect the salmon – and numerous life forms that are connected and needed.
    Thank you.

  6. Sabra Woodworth says:

    Now is the time: no renewal of salmon farm leases expiring June 2018!! No net-pens in wild salmon migratory waters.

  7. patrick macnamara says:

    dear mayors
    moving the floating net pens to land is a very good move for the future of the salmon and the people who depend on a wild thriving,healthy salmon.the so-called fish farms are killing our once abundant wild salmon .
    thanks for addressing this situation.
    respectfully yours

  8. BRIAN HUGHES says:

    no new open pen leases or extensions of existing leases should be approved. a tax incentive should be introduced to facilitate transition to closed containment on land

    • Anna Kemp says:

      That’s a great suggestion, Brian. That’s a concrete way the government can facilitate the transition to land-based closed-containment.

  9. Ross Morben says:

    Check around the world and you’ll find native fish species have suffered everywhere salmon farm open-net pens have been allowed. In some countries the sport fisheries have been wiped out.
    What more do our scientists and politicians need? The negative impact on BC wild salmon stocks (since the introduction of salmon farms) has been dramatic.
    I think the only thing that has kept these licenses in effect is the money being given to the election campaigns of whatever politicians are in power.

  10. Leopold Roberge says:

    Fish farms must be moved from the ocean to on-land organizations.

  11. Ian Richard Munro says:

    Hi. To whom it may concern. Please make the fish farmers move their fish pen’s on to land. There is too much documented disease and pollution to let it carry on.

  12. Eric Alexandre says:

    Dear Mayors,
    Please support the resolutions to transition open-pen fish farms to close containment and protect our wild salmon as soon as possible.

  13. Adele Hollingsworth says:

    Remove open net fish farms from our ocean waters asap. Time for this industry to evolve, even Norway is moving towards closed containment! Why allow a foreign owned corporation to abuse our coastal environment? Think of the future generations who deserve to know salmon.

  14. Sheila Pratt says:

    It’s time all the Cohen Commission recommendations were acted upon.

  15. Harold Lohr says:

    You nailed it Ross Morben. Wherever fish farms have been established, wild salmon and trout have been virtually wiped out. I blame fish farms for our dismal wild Salmon and Steelhead returns. I also blame DFO for incompetence, mismanagement, and ruining a resource that may never recover. I have been Sport fishing for over 40 years and was in the tackle industry for 22 years. The decline of that industry has been drastic and one of the reasons I got out. BC has done a fabulous job of marketing and promoting a super natural BC with a heavy emphasis on sport fishing. The problem is the fish are gone! I don’t know how long it will take for people to clue in to what is going on.

    • Anna Kemp says:

      It really is a crisis. And people who fish are on the frontlines and know what is going on. Thanks for commenting!

  16. brian houston says:

    One of the greatest migration on planet earth is Canadian salmon returning to the rivers of British Columbia; people around the world look on with amazement. What they don’t see is the multitude of benefits they bring for the land and the animals on it. This is in contrast to farmed salmon in net enclosures in the ocean. Farmed salmon very often bring disease and death to many marine creatures including salmon fingerlings making their way to the ocean. The drugs that are mixed in their food, may in time, be seen to be unhealthy for human beings also.

  17. Geoff Gerhart says:


    Time is running out for our wild salmon, and open net fish farming isn’t helping. Please remove fish farms from the migration routes of our wild salmon.


  18. Don Ladd says:

    Banned in Norway, Alaska, and soon Washington State. Get these toxic pens out of B.C. waters! Now!!!!

  19. Angela Koch says:

    No one wants these lice infested, virus infected salmon farms in our precious BC waters. With new technology, land based farms are now on par cost wise with open pen farms, so there are no more excuses…John Horgan, say NO to lease renewals

  20. Stefano Perdisa says:

    Please transition fish farms out of BC waters and on to land.

  21. Cheri Dodge says:

    Please stop open net ocean salmon farming. We only should have land-based fish farms.

  22. Ted Kirk says:

    Our government has a terrible track record for ensuring survival of fish.They encouraged building huge draggers on the east coast to create jobs but it wiped out the cod that the whole east coast has depended on.They have shown the same disregard for our salmon on this coast and in one generation, have managed it into the ground. In Alaska, they have built up their fishery and it is thriving. They do not allow salmon farms because they know, as we all do, that it is inviting disease into our waters. The people who support the fish farms point to the jobs it provides. They are so short-sighted to not see all the coastal communities that are virtual ghost towns with the wild salmon wiped out. We need to follow the lead of Washington and many others who stand against the salmon farms.

    • Anna Kemp says:

      Well said, Ted. When looking at economic impacts, we need to think about the jobs already lost in wild salmon fisheries! The longevity as fishing as part of B.C.’s culture, whether recreationally or commercially, depends on properly managing our wild salmon.

  23. Bob Waters says:

    We have lost one run of sockeye in the Adams River the other three runs are in danger of being extinct. Does any one in governmentunderstand this or even care. Losing our wild salmon is a crime against nature. It will leave a big hole in the environment.

  24. Sandra Conway says:

    Open net fish farms are a threat to wild salmon and must be moved to land.

  25. Julia madison says:

    Please shut down the fish farms and save our wild salmon.

  26. Linda Guild says:

    Salmon farms in our oceans are toxic to all sea life!! Even on land the farms must treat the water for virus’ and not dump the contaminated water into the ocean.

  27. Dennis Thompson says:

    The evidence of harm to our environment and wild salmon is overwhelming! Move Open Pen Fish Farms to dry land!!

  28. Andrea Stecheson says:

    Shut down the fish farms and save our wild salmon

  29. Bryan Bradbury says:

    From Alex Morton to the Cohen commission,big money has defeated common sense and has allowed the distruction of our salmon and trout populations.NO MORE.
    The net pens must be removed from the ocean and located on dry land.
    Please act NOW before our resource is gone completely.

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