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The new Fisheries Minister, Dominic LeBlanc, made his first trip to the west coast recently. It would be great if he heard first hand how important wild salmon are to you and yours.

You can help by letting Minister LeBlanc know that you expect better than “business as usual” from DFO, and more than a partial approach to implementing the Cohen Recommendations.

Ask him to show strong leadership in protecting your wild salmon, to restore habitat to the Fisheries Act, and to implement the Wild Salmon Policy as a roadmap for bringing back BC’s wild salmon.

Take two minutes: use this tool to send your comments now.


  1. Mountain Robert says:

    The fish farms are in our territory illegally. Our Aboriginal laws state you need permission from the Hereditary Chiefs just to come into their territory. And doing anything in that territory you need consent from the Hereditary Chief to do anything. So get the fish farms out, there was no consent from the Hereditary Chiefs.

  2. Ed.Fergusson says:

    Let’s do like Norway and get these poisonous, open-net fish farms out of the water where our wild salmon migrate and get smothered by the sea lice from the farms as well as the farmed salmon diseases. I will never buy an “Atlantic ???” salmon.

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