Lelu Island

Protecting Skeena salmon from Petronas LNG

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LNG is controversial. But even if you think it is a good thing for B.C., it is hard to imagine a worse spot for an LNG plant than Lelu Island and Flora Bank in the mouth of the mighty Skeena. This is some of the most important salmon habitat on our coast, and it needs to be protected.

There are about 20 LNG proposals in the works for the B.C. coast, although many experts predict that B.C. will be able to build, at most, 3 or 4 export terminals. It is possible that B.C.’s LNG dream is too late to the game- given our high costs, the tumbling global price for gas, and global competition already coming on stream.

But if an LNG project moves ahead- it should clearly not be on Lelu Island at the mouth of the Skeena. There may be no worse location than the PNW LNG facility on the Skeena River.

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