New Volunteer Opportunities!

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Calling All Volunteers!

Get involved in November and take a stand with Watershed Watch to protect B.C.’s wild salmon.  We will be attending 3 community events in November and are looking for volunteers to help at:

  • November 15th : Hyde Creek Salmon Festival, Port Coquitlam, 11am – 3pm
  • November 21st: Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Mission,  10am – 4pm
  • November 22nd :  Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Mission, 10am – 4pm


Volunteer Roles (flexible):

  1. General table hosting 
    1. Welcome people to our table, engage in friendly conversation about the event and salmon, and invite them to participate in an activity and browse the items we have on display.
    2. Distribute Watershed Watch brochures and stickers.
    3. Encourage people to sign up to our list.
    4. Answer questions about the organization and issues we are working on (you will be provided with training and reading materials).
    5. Encourage people to take our Salmon Survey.
  2. Salmon fishing game 
    1. Encourage children and adults alike to play the Salmon Fishing Game.
    2. You will be trained on the game and its simple rules.
  3. Roaming surveyors 
    1. Approach event attendees about taking the Salmon Survey and collect survey information.


If you don’t live in the Lower Mainland or the Fraser Valley, but would still like to get involved, we are also looking for volunteers to conduct our Salmon Survey throughout other communities in B.C.  We’re looking for keen, friendly, enthusiastic volunteers to get outside and speak to people by your local waterways. You will survey people on the topics of salmon, water and their concerns. You’ll need to be a good listener and a help people feel comfortable about giving their opinions.

Contact Lina at for more information.


2 Responses to New Volunteer Opportunities!

  1. Ron Cameron says:

    I already talk to anyone who is interested in
    saving the Salmon. I am in contact with a
    lady who is well known who is doing her best
    to control salmon farms on the coast. We lose
    the salmon and the whole western food chain is in jeopardy. It is the government of B.C.
    who is behind the salmon farms and there are
    already court cases going on. We must get rid
    of the Liberal Provincial Government and the
    next opportunity. Hopefully the Trudeau Feds
    will put pressure on the Provinces to do some
    thing. With global warming and soil erosion
    the salmon may be on the way out. There is not much we can do about that, as it’s already too late to stop it. We were left with a cornucopia in this province and it has
    only taken a generation to turn in into a food bank.

  2. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Would like to assist in any way I can. I do not own a vehicle though. Thank you

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