Stan Proboszcz responds to fish farm expansion in B.C.

Salmon Farm Industry in B.C. Pushes To Expand – Watershed Watch Responds

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In The News: As the fish farm industry pushes to expand on the B.C. coast, the aquaculture marketing campaign has begun in earnest, dismissing concerns for wild salmon as based on “myth”.  There are eight new open-net fish farm proposals in the works, with farm sites continuing to be located along the migration routes of B.C.’s wild salmon. Stan Proboszcz from Watershed Watch weighs in.


3 Responses to Salmon Farm Industry in B.C. Pushes To Expand – Watershed Watch Responds

  1. Fred Giffin says:

    In Atlantic Canada we have an ongoing fight with government and bureaucrats as they continue to favor the cage fish farming industry despite pollution, disease, use of illegal pesticides, escapes, damage to wild salmon populations and risk to lobster fisheries. Nova Scotia has just introduced new “regulations” designed by the industry, for the industry to protect their exorbitant profits and allow them to continue to pollute and poison. Looking for the new DFO minister and department to bring this madness under control.

  2. Ed.Fergusson says:

    Norway is forcing their open-net farms out of the ocean and into contained farms on land because of the destruction of their wild salmon by the diseases and poisons used to try to control the diseases and CANADA is going to extend our problem. Any brains there somewhere ??

  3. KEITH HYETT says:

    As a Brit relatively new to BC I am absolutely amazed that, with the documented problems of open net farms in Europe and elsewhere, that Canada risks damaging the wild salmon resource on the Pacific North West
    in this way. The technology is there for closed containment and the government should only be granting licenses to companies who fulfil this criteria !

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