Great article profiling Craig Orr in the Tri-City News

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Photo credit: Sarah Payne, Tri-City News

Photo credit: Sarah Payne, Tri-City News

It’s hard to fit an accomplished career into a single newspaper article, but the Tri-City News article Craig Orr retires from helm at Watershed Watch provides a great overview of many of the successes and accomplishments Craig has helped make possible in the field of conservation – especially when it comes to salmon.

“Orr points out the ditch that extends to the tree line at the far edge of Wilson Farm before looping back again. It doesn’t look like much but it’s part of a large-scale project that sought to restore juvenile salmon habitat along the Coquitlam River, one that successfully returned a dozen sockeye to the river after a century-long absence. And it’s just one of the many accomplishments Orr, a Coquitlam resident, has logged in a 40-year career that has taken him from coast to coast… to coast.”

For those of us who have the pleasure of working with Craig, we’re also very glad for the final statement of the article:

“But don’t expect to see Orr kicking back and brushing up on his golf game; he’s merely transitioning to several new roles: staying on with Watershed Watch as a conservation advisor on aquaculture, open-net salmon farming and the Water Sustainability Act; and representing the Kwikwetlem and Watershed Watch at the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable. And retired or not, he’ll continue to advocate for wild salmon and the habitat that sustains them.”

For more information on Craig’s “retirement” see his own announcement.


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