Together we are stronger: Watershed Watch Salmon Society and SOS Marine Conservation Foundation are merging at the end of 2014

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WWSS and SOS merger

Eric Hobson, SOS President (left) and Craig Orr, Watershed Watch Executive Director (right)

Watershed Watch Salmon Society is excited to be merging with the SOS Marine Conservation Foundation at the end of December 2014. Our two groups have collaborated extensively in the past and through the merger, we will better be able to employ a “science to solutions” approach to achieving positive change for BC’s Wild Salmon.

Together We Are Stronger 

The merger will combine SOS’s pro-business, solutions-based approach with Watershed Watch’s approach to salmon conservation that is a blend of scientific expertise, fact-and-values-based advocacy, and public engagement.

Watershed Watch and SOS have played, and will continue to play, a leading role in reducing—even reversing—impacts of overfishing, habitat destruction, unsustainable aquaculture, irresponsible hydro development, and government indifference.

The merged organization will continue to provide support to First Nations on these issues impacting Wild Salmon.

Eric Hobson will continue on as a Board member for Watershed Watch and as a Vice-Chair for the KUTERRA land-based salmon farm. WWSS will have new Executive and Operations Directors (Aaron Hill and Trish Hall) and Dr. Craig Orr will move to a less administrative role, advising on issues such as salmon aquaculture and local Coquitlam projects. Members of the SOS Solutions Advisory Committee will continue with Watershed Watch, investing their efforts and expertise into the many issues facing BC’s Wild Salmon upon which so much depends.

Examples of Recent Collaboration Between WWSS and SOS

Environmental petitions to the Auditor General of Canada regarding the Cohen Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye in the Fraser River.

Public awareness:


Regulatory (working together with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the David Suzuki Foundation as the Conservation Regulatory Working Group):



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