Two years without meaningful action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations… Now That’s Scary!

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2 year Cohen AnniversaryTwo years ago, on October 31st, 2012 Justice Cohen provided 75 recommendations around The Uncertain Future of the Fraser River Sockeye. The report was the result of an Inquiry that cost Canadian taxpayers $37 million as an investment in the future of a species upon which so much depends. Ten recommendations relate directly to open-net Atlantic salmon farming. Where are we now, two years later? Government is still swimming in the wrong direction, away from precaution and action on the recommendations. There are at least 8 open-net salmon farming expansion applications with no clear public comment process and no clarity around the government decision-making. There is no willingness to await the results of the BC Genome Project’s study into pathogens in farmed, wild and hatchery salmon and, government’s proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations would authorize owners and operators of open-net salmon farms to deposit pesticides, drugs and waste into the marine environment; and allow construction that may harm fish habitat.

To add your voice to the call for action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations add your name to our Petition to Protect Wild Salmon.

Also, a big thanks to Rod Brown at SkeenaWild for the amazing pumpkin carving!


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  1. Bill Monaghan says:

    If you are going to ignore Justice Cohen then the least you could do is make 37 people millonaires!

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