Thank you to everyone who participated in #MyWatershedMoment!

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A big thank you to everyone who attended #MyWatershedMoment where yoga and conservation met for a Rivers Day celebration on September 28, 2014 in Colony Farm Regional Park. The event emphasized the connection between the health of ecosystems and personal well-being and was organized by Watershed Watch, SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development, and yoga teachers Kristen Campbell and Todd Inouye, with support from the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, the Bullitt Foundation, and Lululemon. 

“Although we now live in societies characterized by urbanization and artificialization, our physiological functions are still adapted to nature, yet humans continue to degrade watersheds at an alarming rate.”
~ Craig Orr 

It’s been said many times – change begins with you. Here at Watershed Watch, we’re working to protect and restore wild salmon and the watersheds that we share with them. Here’s how you can make some positive changes by helping with some of our current campaigns:

  1. No Expansion Campaign – plans to expand salmon farming in BC are proceeding despite concerns over impacts to wild salmon stocks and recommendations against expansion from the Cohen Inquiry. You can help by signing our petition and sharing it broadly to gather more signatures. We will be making a formal presentation to 4 MPs (Conservative, NDP, Liberal and Green) once we reach 5,000 signatures and you may have an opportunity to join us at the presentation.
  2. Boots on the Ground, Eyes on the Water – our Ecologist, Aaron Hill, has been keeping an eye on salmon fisheries out on the water – see the latest report on this year’s sockeye fishery for more information. You can help by donating to Watershed Watch and literally putting fuel in the boat, and helping us monitor other industrial activities that harm wild salmon.
  3. Fraser Voice – our Engagement Organizer, Lina Azeez, is listening to the voices of concerned Fraser Valley residents who want to improve their local watersheds. If you need help organizing your community contact Lina.
  4. Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable – our Executive Director, Craig Orr, is actively involved with the Roundtable and their efforts to develop a watershed plan based directly on valuing ecosystem services. If you live in the Coquitlam watershed or are inspired to take the planning process to your community contact the Roundtable Coordinator Marni for more information.
  5. Become a monthly supporter – monthly supporters provide a stable and predictable funding base that allows us to be more flexible, increases our ability to respond to emerging issues, and improves our overall effectiveness. Donate online today!

We hope #MyWatershedMoment inspired everyone as much as it inspired us! Stay tuned for upcoming yoga in the watershed events in 2015. Check out the great photos from the event below.

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