Craig Orr to step down as Executive Director of Watershed Watch after 16 years at the helm

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Craig OrrThe founder and executive director of one of British Columbia’s foremost wild salmon advocacy organizations will step down at the end of 2014.

“Change is part of life,” says Dr. Craig Orr. “Watershed Watch has recently gone through an exciting transition into more of a citizen-engaged organization. I’m really excited by the new direction, but also looking to finally cut back on my workload and open up some time for other pursuits.”

Starting January 2015, Aaron Hill and Trish Hall will be the Society’s respective executive and operations directors. Orr will remain involved in specific projects and in an advisory role with Watershed Watch.

“I’m confident Watershed Watch will continue delivering high-level advocacy,” says Orr. “And by engaging its supporters more directly, Watershed Watch will elevate its efforts to protect wild salmon.”

Orr founded WWSS in 1998 as a means of exposing and reducing threats to wild salmon and their habitat. He believes that, in addition to being “the price of democracy,” constant vigilance is also the best defense against overfishing, habitat destruction, poor aquaculture practices, irresponsible hydro development, and the mind-numbing indifference to everything threatening not only wild salmon and salmon habitat, but the earth’s life-support systems and human well-being.

Orr calls his 16 years at the helm of Watershed Watch a “rare and truly rewarding experience, made possible through stellar support of staff, directors, funders, colleagues, and countless supporters.”

His main regret? That the task of saving wild salmon and salmon habitat gets ever more challenging as expedience-driven governments increasingly treat healthy environments as impediments to economic growth, rather than as the life-sustaining places they really are.



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