Adams River Salute to the Sockeye

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Adams River sockeyeThis Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful for the opportunity to witness the Adams River sockeye return with my eight year old daughter. I wasn’t much older than her the first time I went to the Adams and it had a huge impact on me. It was extra special seeing her reaction to this amazing spectacle.

Salmon have been a huge part of my life and salmon conservation has been the cornerstone of my career for over a decade with my work at Watershed Watch. I forget sometimes that not everyone is so salmon-centric, so it was heartening to see thousands of people gathering in Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, all clamouring to get a better look at the brilliant red and green sockeye. When we were heading home, the line-up of cars stretched all the way back to the highway! A huge thank you to everyone involved in organizing and running the Salute to the Sockeye Festival.

There were lots of salmon to see, but the river wasn’t teeming with fish. I am hoping that more are still on their way. I also hope that my daughter will have the chance to bring her children to see these amazing fish one day. I will continue to do my part to ensure this can happen.

You can add your voice to the call for better protection of BC’s wild salmon by signing Watershed Watch’s petition Call for Action to Protect Wild Salmon. To learn more about selective fishing techniques that could help protect salmon while still allowing for the harvest of healthy runs see our video Saving Wild Salmon by Changing the Way We Fish.

Enjoy the photos below, but I encourage everyone to get out and see the returning salmon for yourself.

Trish Hall
Communications Coordinator

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