Watershed Watch is a proud supporter of the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable – see their Fall 2014 newsletter

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A broad spectrum of groups and individuals have been working together as the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable since 2011.  The Fall 2014 newsletter provides an overview of the Roundtable’s activities and how people can get involved.  Watershed Watch is a proud supporter of the Roundtable!

For more information see the Roundtable’s website, or follow them on Facebook (/CoquitlamRiverWatershed) or Twitter (@CoqRiverWS).

The Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable was founded in 2011 following a four year community engagement process. During this development period, individuals and organizations representing a broad range of perspectives on the watershed came together to develop a solid foundation for the Roundtable, including developing a mission statement, a set of values and guiding principles for the Roundtable.

The Roundtable coordinates and implements activities that promote the health and long-term sustainability of the watershed. Anyone who supports the Roundtable’s mission can participate in Roundtable meetings, which are held once or twice a year. A multi-sector Core Committee, whose members represent the diverse sectors of interest in the watershed, meet on a regular basis to carry out the work of the Roundtable. Sectors represented on the Core Committee include: municipal, provincial,regional and federal governments, First Nations elected officials and staff; the aggregate industry; arts and culture; education; outdoor recreation; real estate development; and stewardship groups.

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