Watershed Watch and SkeenaWild launch new video: Saving Wild Salmon by Changing the Way We Fish

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Fishermen can harvest more fish from healthy salmon runs, while affording greater protection to threatened runs in BC, if consumers eat more salmon from “stock-selective” fisheries. That’s the message delivered by fishermen, First Nations, renowned chef Robert Clark, Professor John Reynolds from Simon Fraser University, and leading conservationists in an illuminating new short film narrated by Vancouver-based actor, Bruce Greenwood. The 16-minute video was produced by Screaming Black Dog Productions for Watershed Watch Salmon Society and SkeenaWild Conservation Trust. See the full media release and 4 easy ways you can help for more information.



2 Responses to Watershed Watch and SkeenaWild launch new video: Saving Wild Salmon by Changing the Way We Fish

  1. ken beadman says:

    It breaks my heart to see the state salmon fishing is in, I am a sport,[river bank fisherman]and there are hardly any fish left,very sad to see this.Ken,beadman

  2. Dan Ticehurst says:

    In a mixed marine environment a commercial fishing method like trolling with lines (line fishing) hasn’t been considered. Trolling is selective, species selective by the type of gear used. They are in good shape when caught and can be released. Fish caught by trolling methods have greater commercial value than fish caught by gill or seine nets. Trolling is a slower method of fishing, an entire summer season to catch it’s quota on the open ocean, not like the 3 day or short openings in the bays, passes and rivers. Hitting the concentrated fish hard.

    I did commercial fishing for one season on the West Coast, trolling. It would be of my opinion that terminal stock fisheries would be small and short. By the time fish reach their terminal state they would lose commercial value in the greater market place, unless one can sell a culinary taste.

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