Stan Proboszcz from Watershed Watch quoted in Vancouver Sun article Final tab for Cohen Commission tops $37 million

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Justice Bruce CohenThe price tag for the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River has been regularly stated to be $26 million, however recent reports received after Watershed Watch and SOS Marine Conservation Foundation submitted petitions to the Auditor General of Canada show that the actual price tag was much higher. The Vancouver Sun article Final tab for Cohen Commission tops $37 million, provides details.

“The nearly $11 million in additional costs includes salaries and benefits to federal bureaucrats working full-time to collect and process documents, review policy papers, prepare departmental witnesses for testimony, and communicate internally between federal Fisheries Department staff in B.C. and Ottawa, according to documentation provided by Fisheries Minister Gail Shea. The tally doesn’t include the inquiry-related efforts of staff, including highly paid senior department executives, who worked only part-time on commission matters after Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched it in 2009.”

Stan Proboszcz from Watershed Watch is quoted in the article stating, “So the price tag may be significantly higher.” He goes on to say that a formal audit should be ordered into how the federal government responded to the Cohen inquiry.

For more information, see Watershed Watch’s video Safeguarding Salmon Part 1: Justice Cohen’s Blueprint and our Cohen Report Card.

To add your voice to our call for action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations, sign our petition Call for Action

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to Protect Wild Salmon.

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