Vancouver Sun: Federal memo recommended Ottawa lobby B.C. to allow new fish farms on north coast

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Salmon farming expansionA memo obtained by Watershed Watch through and Access to Information and Privacy request reveals recommendations by Ottawa to allow new fish farms on the North Coast of BC. See the Vancouver Sun article Federal memo recommended Ottawa lobby B.C. to allow new fish farms on north coast for more information.

In the article, Watershed Watch biologist, Stan Proboszcz, states, “The province needs to stand up to Ottawa and protect B.C. from salmon farm expansions in the North and elsewhere. It makes no economic sense given the risks open nets put on the economies of the sport and commercial wild fisheries.”

Watershed Watch is building a network of citizens through our Protect Wild Salmon Petition in order to

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express to Members of Parliament they need to stand up to protect salmon. Once we receive 5,000 signatures, we’ll present it publicly to 4 British Columbian MPs (one from each federal party) and demand action to protect wild salmon and action on the $26 million Sockeye Inquiry Recommendations Canadians paid for. Please sign and share the petition.

We’re also going to take some wild salmon supporters with us to meet with the MPs, because our strength lies in numbers.

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