Government’s Response to Cohen Inquiry Remains a Secret

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Watershed Watch Salmon Society obtained documents through an Access to Information Protocol (ATIP) to determine how the federal government has responded to the 75 recommendations made by the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River.

The Vancouver Sun article Fisheries department response to salmon decline report remains secret reports “The documents, obtained by the B.C. group Watershed Watch Salmon Society, present the first internal look at how the bureaucracy handled the results of the public inquiry into Ottawa’s failings in the management of the Pacific salmon fishery. That peek is very extremely limited, as the documents were extensively censored before release. Government critics say Ottawa has still not adequately responded to Cohen’s many recommendations, issuing only brief media statements and, when forced through formal petitions that legally require a response, giving basic and upbeat summaries of the government’s approach.”

Join us in our call for action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations.  Sign and share our petition!


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