Presentation by Craig Orr at the Port Moody Ecological Society AGM Feb 19 @ 7pm – Public Welcome

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Craig OrrOn Feb. 19 at 7 p.m., P.M.E.S. will conduct its Annual General Meeting at the Port Moody Rec Centre in Multipurpose Room 2.

The public is welcome to come and learn about P.M.E.S. and the many different salmon hatchery, ecological, environmental and community activities that the P.M.E.S. both organises or is involved in – including the iconic Fingerling Festival in May.

At this years AGM, there are two items you should not miss:
1) Presentation from Kyle Pilon, president of the Mossom Creek Hatchery, who will provide an overview regarding reconstruction efforts after their devastating fire in December.

2) Guest speaker – Craig Orr, the executive director of the Watershed Watch Salmon Society.  He’ll speak about “The War on Science and Wild Salmon.”  The many changes in federal legislation introduced in 2012 have gutted fish habitat protection and, in conjunction with drastic cuts in staffing levels, have severely weakened the ability of the federal fisheries department as well as Environment Canada to monitor and respond to environmental problems. In addition, research institutes that had been investigating the pollution of aquatic ecosystems, atmospheric sciences and the pollution of marine mammals were abruptly closed. More recently, the federal government has been criticized for closing and destroying priceless scientific research libraries across Canada. Craig will discuss the impacts these policies will have on the health of our ecosystems and the future of wild salmon in B.C.

The meeting is free and open to the public. More information about the Noons Creek Hatchery is available at

Also see the Tri-City News article ‘War on Science’ is topic for Noons Creek Hatchery AGM.

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