Join us in Chilliwack on Saturday to discuss concerns over plans for a hazardous waste recycling facility on Fraser River

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Public Forum Jan 18, 2014

Community partners, including local First Nations, environmental organizations and recreational fishers, are hosting a public forum to discuss the proposed location of a hazardous waste treatment facility on the flood plain of the Fraser River in Chilliwack. This is in response to the recent rezoning decision made by Mayor Gaetz and Council on December 3rd, 2013. Council voted unanimously to rezone existing industrial land for special use, that being a hazardous waste treatment facility in a flood plain.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, January 18, 2014 2:00-4:00 pm

LOCATION: Evergreen Hall, 9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack

See our Facebook Event for further details.

OPENING CEREMONY: Grand Chief Clarence Pennier, Sto:Lo Tribal Council, to provide a perspective from local First Nations.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: International conservationist and founder of BC Rivers Day, Mark Angelo.

The main focus of the public forum is to allow attendees to comment, ask questions, or discuss next steps.

This is more than a Chillwack issue, this proposal impacts our lower Fraser watershed!

Refreshments will be served.

2 Responses to Join us in Chilliwack on Saturday to discuss concerns over plans for a hazardous waste recycling facility on Fraser River

  1. Lindy Miller says:

    Please advise where/who I can send a letter of protest to about this even being thought of in the flood plain of the Fraser River. This needs to be re-addressed and taken out of the Flood Plains. The older I get the more I believe people just are NOT thinking any more. Thank you!

    • Trish Hall says:

      The following reply is from Lina Azeez, Fraser Voice Coordinator.

      “Hi Lindy,

      Thank you for wanting to take action and support our drive to keep the proposed hazardous waste treatment facility out of the Fraser river floodplain.

      You can send a letter to:
      – Chilliwack Mayor and Council:
      – Byron Day, President of Aevitas (hazardous waste facility) – A quick update: Just last week, our working group met with Mr. Day and explained our position on the facility (supportive) and our concerns with placing it within the floodplain and so close to the Fraser River. He shared with us the surprise he felt at the large back lash (we must keep it up), he said this site was promoted to him as the best site for such a facility by the City of Chilliwack. We learnt from him that the state of BC’s existing hazardous waste facilities are in dire situations, the newest being 25 years old (!!) and not up to standards. He’s facility would be a huge improvement and use the highest standards in building and safely. It was surprising and very concerning for our working group to learn that BC’s current facilities are “worse than what you’d find in developing countries” and BC’s laws governing these facilities are archaic. He got our message loud and clear that another site must be found.

      If you’d like more information please do not hesitate to contact me at

      Lina Azeez
      Organizer, Fraser Voice Initiative
      Watershed Watch Salmon Society”

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