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The Cohen Commission website housed numerous evidentiary exhibits, expert reports, transcripts and many other key documents from the Inquiry. This incredible resource was recently moved from its original internet address to Library and Archives Canada here. Don’t let government off the hook. Sign our petition and urge government to implement the Cohen Commission recommendations.

Watershed Watch, a participant in the Inquiry, produced the Cohen Inquiry Highlights Report which links electronically to all the transcripts and many key pieces of evidence like this internal DFO briefing note.

The Wayback Machine is an amazing internet archive system and has also preserved a large portion of the Cohen Commission website.

2 Responses to Cohen Commission website archived

  1. Dave says:

    I am part Sea to Sky Fisheries Roundtable. One of the largest achievements that our Sea to Sky Fisheries Roundtable had achieved, was for our MP John Weston stood up in the House of Commons to ask the Prime Minister to call. Why is the Government doing this? I for one want an answer and I am sure everyone of our Sea to Sky Fisheries Roundtable participants want one too!

  2. Trish Hall says:

    Fortunately, the Cohen Inquiry website was moved from its original location and was recently archived. This movement has confused many, and led us to suggest it was deleted. Subsequently, we were informed that it was archived. We have corrected our website and apologize for the misunderstanding.

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