Lack of action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations for sockeye conservation focus of Media Co-op article

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Sockeye SalmonIt is almost a year since Justice Cohen released his final recommendations after the $26 million federal inquiry into the decline of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River.  Five more deadlines came and went at the end of September, with still no apparent action from the federal government (see our Cohen Report Card for more information).  The level of frustration over this lack of action is the focus of the Media Co-op article An upstream battle: Ottawa still blocking salmon conservation on the West Coast provides an overview of frustration.

Watershed Watch Ecologist, Aaron Hill, was interviewed for the article and states, “It’s hard to find somebody who isn’t upset. It’s been almost a year since the [Cohen] report came out, and there’s been no official response from DFO. It’s just crickets — there’s nothing happening.”  He goes on to say, “There’s a lot of people working for DFO at the local and regional level who care about salmon…. But there’s an organizational culture, and a management culture, that’s absolutely dysfunctional, where that results in pandering to special interests and a sort of bureaucratic inertia.”

See the full article and for more details on the Cohen Inquiry, the myriad threats facing salmon, and the need to move forward on Justice Cohen’s recommendations. Also see our Cohen Report Card for detailed recommendations, timeline, and their current status.


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