Watershed Watch warns of risk to weak salmon stocks during pink salmon harvest in The Now article

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Sockeye salmonWatershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, commented on the risk to weak salmon stocks, especially sockeye and coho in The Tri-Cities Now article Weak salmon returns raise concerns.  He also emphasized the need for government action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations made at the end of the $26 million federal inquiry into sockeye salmon.

He states, “Low salmon stock reports from Cultus and Quesnel lakes combined with poor fishing methods could lead to a disaster if fishers aren’t careful. When the commercial fishermen fish, they’re fishing fairly non-selectively and they’re catching a number of sockeye from stocks that are in trouble. The issue is an estimated 26 million pink salmon are coming back to the Fraser River that are fair game, but there’s a good chance for collateral damage in the catch.”

For more information, see Watershed Watch’s recent media advisory Net impact—not possible to fish for pinks without harming other salmon at risk. Also see our Cohen Report Card which tracks government action on Justice Cohen’s recommendations for protecting sockeye salmon.


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