Aaron Hill comments on discarded salmon in Global TV interview

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Watershed Watch Ecologist Aaron Hill comments on the waste of salmon due to improper handling in the North Coast seine fishery in the Global TV segment “Fishermen waste salmon species.”

For more information on this issue see the original media release and full video North Coast Chum Discards.

Also see the following media articles:


2 Responses to Aaron Hill comments on discarded salmon in Global TV interview

  1. It’s a shame this is getting so much coverage as it is not an accurate reflection of the reality and the overwhelming effective practice of our coastal fisheries community members. The video lacks real context, understanding, and in so doing misrepresents.

  2. Aaron Hill says:


    We state clearly in the video that there are seiners out there who are doing a good job and that the rampant rule breaking going on out there is unfair to them. We provide solutions. We are not trying to shut this fishery down, we are trying to bring it up to a reasonable standard that we can all be proud of.

    As a fisheries observer in the late 90s and early 2000s I spent many days on the decks of seiners and other gear types and I witnessed rampant violations of the regulations then. When we were shooting this footage in Whale Channel I shot one set each on three different boats until the memory card in the camera was full. Each crew clearly mishandled fish. If one of the boats I shot was doing things right I would have put it in the video for contrast.

    Sorry, but the reality out there isn’t what you think it is. It needed to be exposed. The denial needs to end.

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