Watershed Watch is seeking input on how the Coquitlam watershed affects people’s general well-being

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Watershed Watch Salmon Society, a Coquitlam-based salmon conservation charity, is seeking feedback on ecosystem services and well-being in the Coquitlam watershed to promote watershed planning and resilience-based ecosystem stewardship.

“Watershed Watch, working with the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, has selected the Coquitlam River watershed as a case study in promoting ecosystem stewardship,” said Craig Orr, a Coquitlam resident and Executive Director of the Society. “We’re interested in the views of people who live in or use the watershed. We want to know how the watershed may influence their general well-being.”

Watershed Watch has set up a survey using the location-based PlaceSpeak polling platform to solicit feedback on a unique watershed

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plan that measures and monitors ecosystem services and human well-being.

“We’re encouraging people who live, work or play in the watershed to enrol with PlaceSpeak and fill out our ecosystem services survey” said Orr. “This feedback will be vital in advancing watershed stewardship and planning.”

Watershed Watch Society is a non-profit society concerned about the state of salmon in our rivers and watersheds. With support from The Bullitt Foundation, the Society is assisting the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable on developing what is believed to be Canada’s first watershed plan based on principles of resilience-based ecosystem stewardship.

Watershed Watch was also profiled in the Tri-City News article More than a river? Poll seeks answers, and in the Now News article Study of Coquitlam River takes a unique approach.

You can also provide input into the watershed plan for the Coquitlam River Watershed at the June 6th event Planning for our Future – Watershed Health and Challenges.

2 Responses to Watershed Watch is seeking input on how the Coquitlam watershed affects people’s general well-being

  1. Don McDermid says:

    As I live in Comox, B.C. I don’t know whether I qualify as a voice on the Coquitlam Watershed Management other than to say that these urban watersheds are extremely important not only for drinking water but also for fish production. One just has to witness what has happened on Vancouver Island to see how quickly these small watersheds can be destroyed by urbanization as well as resource extraction.

    I believe Roderick Haig Brown said it best when he said we don’t inherit this land from our forefathers we borrow it from our children.

    During the recent Provincial election we heard much about how we need to support the two pipeline proposals as well as all the LNG proposals in order
    To pay for our hospitals and schools. That’s fine but when we have taken all the oil and gas from the ground along with mine rials such as coal, copper etc what will our grandchildren have to pay for their hospitals and schools? No one asked that question.

  2. Bob Waters says:

    All this money for the study and no follow up absolutely disgusting. Where is the media on this they should be all over this waist of tax payers money. These wild salmon are a gift to all of us all we have to do is look after them what is so hard about that? GOV. seems to be on an agenda to bring wild salmon to extinction. They let the cod fishery go and did nothing to save it then brought in the oil rigs. Must be more money in oil than fish. I live near the Adams R.in the Shuswap we lost one run of sockeye out of four big negative environmental impact on this area all ready. does not look good.

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