Globe and Mail: Ottawa withholding reports on B.C. wild salmon

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Sockeye salmonThe Globe and Mail article Ottawa withholding reports on B.C. wild salmon reports that “Key scientific documents needed before the department of Fisheries and Oceans can implement its plan to save British Columbia’s wild salmon have been held up in Ottawa for a year.”

The article goes on to state, “The reports, confidential draft copies of which have been obtained by The Globe and Mail, show that seven of the 24 conservation units in the watershed have been designated as “red zones” with another four rated red/amber. That classification means the salmon populations in those areas are considered at risk of extinction… The documents are considered to be one of the final pieces that need to be in place before DFO can implement its wild salmon policy, a strategy that has been in development for nearly 10 years. DFO has refused to release the documents, saying they are still in draft form – even though the reports were effectively completed in the spring of 2012.”

This delay is also in line with the lack of progress by Fisheries and Oceans Canada on the recommendations made by Justice Cohen.  The Cohen Report Card, presented by Watershed Watch Salmon Society and the SOS Marine Conservation Foundation, clearly shows that several of the milestones laid out by Justice Cohen have not been met.


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