Watershed Watch joins other conservation groups in call for European salmon retailers to support MSC-certified Alaskan salmon

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The Seafood Source article Groups ask Europe to support MSC Alaska salmon, reports “Several conservation groups in Canada and the U.S. (including the Pacific Salmon Foundation, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, David Suzuki Foundation, Wild Fish Conservancy, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Watershed Watch) are backing the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)’s ecolabel and certification program, by petitioning European salmon retailers to support MSC-certified fish caught in Alaska.”

The article goes on to quote Greg Taylor, Pacific Salmon Foundation, “We are supporting Alaskan fishermen’s courageous stand. Global Trust is not an ecolabel, nor does it assess fisheries based on rigorous sustainability criteria.”

As well as Greg Knox, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, “The MSC Certification process provides managers and stakeholders with a market incentive to work together to achieve any necessary improvements over time. Removing this incentive will force NGOs to engage directly with seafood retailers to ensure the necessary improvements are achieved.”


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