Vancouver Sun: Overuse of groundwater could impact food supply, study finds

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The Vancouver Sun article Overuse of groundwater could impact food supply, study finds reports, “The world’s increasing reliance on deep groundwater for agricultural, residential and industrial use is fuelling crop-damaging soil salinity and depleting the world’s supply of fresh water, according to a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change.”

SFU professor and co-author of the study Diana Allen states, “In B.C. we may already be feeling the effects of a changing balance between groundwater and surface water supplies as salmon-bearing rivers and streams warm up and run low. Long after the snow has melted and the rains have stopped for the summer in B.C.’s Interior, groundwater continues to flow into the province’s streams and rivers at a temperature of about 10 C, which keeps the water cool for spawning fish during the summer and moderates water temperatures essential to egg and fry survival during the winter. If people keep drilling more wells, eventually the groundwater that discharges into the streams will be reduced. Groundwater and surface water are totally linked.”

For more information on groundwater, see Watershed Watch’s report Groundwater and Healthy Salmon Streams: it’s all connected.



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