Watershed Watch’s Tamed Rivers report highlighted in Globe and Mail

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Tamed Rivers report coverThe Globe and Mail article Violations at private hydro projects going unpunished reports “None of B.C.’s 52 privately operating “run-of-river” hydroelectric projects have been fined or sanctioned by the province despite at least 700 water-use and reporting violations at 16 facilities in 2010 alone, according to a recently released government audit.” This information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Wilderness Committee and made public on Jan. 23.

The article goes on to highlight Watershed Watch’s report Tamed Rivers: A Guide to River Diversion Hydropower in British Columbia that reports “that the province conducts very few inspections and that the cumulative impact of private hydroelectric operations has not been properly assessed.” The article also quotes Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, “I’d take with a grain of salt that we’re going to see really effective changes by voluntary compliance. The provincial government [has] really severely reduced their ability to monitor these projects, because they’re laying off biologists, and they’re laying them off at a rapid pace.”

For more information see Watershed Watch’s River Diversion/Run-of-River Hydropower page.

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