Watershed Sentinel article: The State of BC’s Salmon

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Sockeye swimmingWatershed Watch biologists Aaron Hill and Stan Proboszcz comment on the complex status of British Columbia’s wild salmon in the Watershed Sentinel article The State of BC’s Salmon.  The article provides an overview of key threats facing BC’s salmon including, habitat degradation, overfishing, inappropriate hatchery practices, disease, and salmon farming.  It goes on to emphasize the importance of the public standing up for wild salmon and ensuring that the government implements the recommendations made by Justice Cohen in his final report.

“The blueprint to sustaining wild salmon has been tabled. The ball is now in our court. Public vigilance must continue to ensure that governments act meaningfully towards sustaining wild salmon for generations to come.”

See the full article for details. For more information on the Watershed Sentinel, see their website www.watershedsentinel.ca.

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