Keeping Alaskan salmon fisheries on a path towards sustainability

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Salmon Conservation Stakeholder LetterWatershed Watch Salmon Society is standing with other Canadian and US conservation groups in asking European salmon buyers to support the efforts of Alaskan fishermen to retain their eco-certification with the Marine Stewardship Council. In letters sent out to top EU salmon retailers, representatives from the David Suzuki Foundation, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Wild Fish Conservancy, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Watershed Watch cautioned European salmon dealers against accepting salmon with less rigorous fishery certifications as being equivalent to salmon certified by MSC’s blue ecolabel. Some Alaskan salmon fisheries have faced strong criticism for intercepting salmon — often from depleted populations — bound for rivers in Canada and US states to the south. Scientists are raising increasing concerns over the impact of Alaska’s ocean ranching operations which release over a billion pen-raised salmon annually into waters used by wild salmon. The conditions for improvement that have accompanied past MSC certifications of the Alaskan salmon fisheries are seen by conservationists as being necessary to keep the Alaskan fisheries on a path towards sustainability.

See the letter sent to top EU salmon retailers, Ensuring Alaska remains a sustainable source of wild salmon for your member companies, for more information.


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