Craig Orr’s letter to the Vancouver Sun: Will hydro power projects damn B.C.’s wildlife?

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Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, comments on concerns of impacts to wildlife from river diversion hydropower in the letter Will hydro power projects damn B.C.’s wildlife?

Orr states, “In a recent report reviewing such impacts (Tamed Rivers: A guide to river diversion hydro power in British Columbia), Watershed Watch contacted experts who expressed grave concerns over impacts to wildlife such as those predicted for grizzly bears in the project planned for the Lillooet River. Many of these impacts might be avoided or minimized through a regional planning process that carefully considers such impacts, local input, and cumulative effects of current and past land disturbances. None of that currently happens, nor does government seem to listen to its own experts when it comes to addressing these issues.”

For more information on hydro issues see Watershed Watch’s Hydropower page.

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