Watershed Watch quoted in Vancouver Sun article: Proposed gas pipeline may sidestep environmental review

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The Vancouver Sun article Proposed gas pipeline may sidestep environmental review reports, “TransCanada’s planned 650-kilometre natural gas pipeline to Kitimat would cross about 320 watercourses including the habitat of more than 100 species at risk, such as white sturgeon, woodland caribou and marbled murrelet, company documents show. But under Conservative government changes to environmental laws, there’s no guarantee the Coastal GasLink project will undergo a federal environmental assessment.”

Otto Langer, retired head of habitat assessment and planning for DFO states, “It’s a travesty of the public trust. If we can’t have an environmental review on a project of this sort, this is proof we have gutted Canada’s environmental protection.”

Watershed Watch Executive Director, Craig Orr, said he is, “astounded that there is even a thought of exempting something of such magnitude, with such potential risk. There is so much discretionary power now in whether anything gets an environmental assessment. I don’t think it serves Canadians well, especially those concerned about the environment.”


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